Seller: Tom Legan

Christine mastered the complex sale of 3 of our properties during a pandemic! The fact that we sold each of them to the first buyer that viewed them says it all. Incredible feat of preparation, property showing, negotiations, and continued communications along the way made it all possible. It was a long, detailed process and attention to detail was stellar from all parties involved. We became friends as well, which is a bonus. We highly recommend her, her very talented son who is a professional videographer and photographer, and the rest of the team supporting her.

Buyers: Erin and Justin Munning

Christine is an exceptional person, and an exceptional real estate agent. What makes Christine unique is that not only is she knowledgeable and savvy about our complex Santa Cruz real estate market, but she is considerate to both her clients and her business partners. We felt blessed to have a real estate agent that was also a friend to us and that sellers and other agents respected.

We worked with Christine consistently for over a year looking for a house and made offers on over 10 houses. She was patient and consistent throughout the process and never made us feel uncomfortable for taking so long, looking at houses over our means or for flip flopping on what exactly we were looking for.

In the end, Christine helped us secure a house in our desired location and negotiated a large discount for repairs from the seller. We couldn’t be happier and have so much gratitude and respect for Christine.


Clinton Sandoval

Christine has earned our recommendation to friends and family with her professional expertise and personal spirit. She was knowledgeable in Santa Cruz Co. specific ordinances and resources which meant we could act quickly when issues developed. We were comfortable in the process with Christine who is very easy to be around, accessible and patient. Christine demonstrated a high degree of integrity to her ethics. She proved to be a skilled and dynamic negotiator in what turned out to be a difficult and irregular transaction. With Christine we also received some great referrals and relationships with people who are helping us turn real estate into the home we wanted.


Kelley Linn

Christine Schneider was an angel during a time of great transition in my life. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to buy a house. But she supported me through the entire process. She worked closely with me, the seller and even my lender to make sure everything happened smoothly. And because she has been a realtor for so long in this area, she was able to refer me to great people in the community to help with any upgrades or repairs I wanted to make on the house. Christine is a woman of great integrity and true compassion. I couldn’t have made my dream of owning a house come true without her support, guidance and trust. I recommend her to everyone I meet who is considering selling or buying in Santa Cruz county.


Ravi R

Christine Schneider was my seller’s agent when I sold my house a few months ago. She was an absolute dream to work with. She was utterly professional, and hand held me through the entire process.

My home was old and needed a lot of repairs owing to the fact that it had been rented out for the past  several years. Christine, with a terrific eye for detail, arranged for clean-up and repairs at a very reasonable price. She also helped me rectify a permitting issue in a more economical manner that we had originally anticipated.

More than anything else, Christine helped me understand some of the procedures and terms allowing for well informed decisions, and offered sound advice based on knowledge and experience. This proved to be immensely beneficial to me.

When time came to list, she executed a marketing and presentation of the property that resulted in a successful sale. The property sold on day 1, which is more than anyone could ask for!

I should add that during the process of the sale, Christine helped me navigate a Veterans Administration loan which the buyer needed. Such loans are complicated, but Christine made it easy. She also handled negotiations with a rather challenging Buyer’s agent, in a thoughtful and careful manner, resulting in a smooth and timely closing of the sale.

I have worked with other realtors before, and frankly, there is no one who comes close to the quality and professionalism of Christine. I should add that in addition to these qualities, Christine is also a kind and compassionate human being, which makes things smooth and good.

I recommend her unreservedly.


Saaid Safavi

Simply put We sold our house quickly and got what we asked for. our house was not easy to sale, because of several issues such as unpermitted sections and hard to access .we tried for several years to sale our house but did not get even one offer. Then we found Christine. Christine as a Real Estate Agent since 2000 and a Real Estate Broker, was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very patient. She is able to bring a level of expertise and polish that you rarely find in this field . My wife and I hired Christine as the listing agent to sell our home in Aptos, Of course, issues arise such as inspector telling us our house has foundation problem!! Oh my God!!, but Christine always has a nice calming way of handling matters, Final result was an excellent presentation of our home which resulted with the wining offer in less than three weeks’ time. Home sale can be a stressful time but Christine made it an enjoyable process for us. Christine is a masterful communicator and negotiator with an unparalleled level of integrity. marketing and sales approach was brilliant – thorough, simple, clear and straight forward. She was ever present and active with us from the initial sale through the property closing.


Andrea Ando

I would recommend Christine Schneider to anyone who is looking for a caring yet assertive real estate broker who knows her business through and through! She was just great to work with. She not only was instrumental in finding me “My home by the surf!” and she was encouraging and friendly through the entire process.

From the get go, she strategically shared how and what she would do to help me and was super clear on what my part was. Through the wild rollercoaster ride of looking and finding many different homes, she calmly guided me through it all!

In the end, Christine proved to be the best match for the quest of finding my home by the surf!


Phil L.

I was pretty lucky when I received that first call from Christine Schneider in regards to my duplex. I feel even better now that I have worked with her on the sale of that property. I pride myself in attention to detail and I was very grateful to deal with someone with those same ideals. She was very helpful on so many levels: property analysis, comps, marketing, lots of marketing, working with two sets of tenants and what was so important to me was the communication. She kept me apprised of everything and shared her knowledge with me about the right moves to make throughout the sale.

Seller and Buyer:

Michelle and Bill Hafertepen

Christine believes that properties find their owners and this is the story of how our property found us, with the wonderful of help Christine Schneider. From the moment we walked on the property we knew this was where we were suppose to be. During the first open house and our first walk of the property with Christine (on a Saturday) she made a call to a trusted loan broker and got us qualified over the phone that afternoon for a home loan. On that same day we put an offer in on the property and she listed our current home on the market the following week. Our house sold in two weeks…

for more than the asking price

thanks to her experience and market knowledge. She even helped us to make arrangements to rent back our house for 3 months while we prepared the new house to move into. As with most home purchases, there are bumps in the road, Christine stayed positive, offering sound advice along the way, while always honoring our personal needs and financial limitations. Christine Schneider helped us find and purchase our dream home. We recommend and trust Christine Schneider for any real estate purchases.

Seller: Scott Fowler

I worked with Christine to sell my house during summer of 2010. Not the best market to be trying to sell into, but Christine got the place sold with professional flair. From house staging to section 1 contractor bids – she took care of everything. I appreciated the fact that she was open to outside-the-box negotiating. This was the first house I had sold, so naturally I knew just how everything ought be handled. Christine took my eccentricity in stride, and was always up front and honest about the reality of the market – even when I didn’t want to hear it. I thank her for that. Christine has an amazing story / background and an great outlook on life, and it was a true pleasure working with her. With her knack for spreading peace and positive energy, she’s able to help with much more than real estate. Thanks again, Christine.


Kevin and Jennifer Toy

Christine has magic fingers and a loving heart when it comes to real estate.

The first time we met Christine in person was at an open house and we were very timid first-time possible home buyers. We worked with Christine for more than 2 years in order to find our dream home looking practically all over the county. Christine had endless patience with us during that time, assuring us that we would find the home of our dreams and answering every question about the home buying process. She said that home buyers often make a decision about a house within the first 8 seconds of walking inside. We did not understand what she was talking about at the time. And then it happened! We met her at a prospective home, she unlocked the door and said, “welcome to your potential new home.” Within 8 seconds after walking in the door we both said “let’s make an offer!”

Working with Christine during escrow was a golden experience. With 9 offers on our dream home, we wanted to stand out amongst all the others. The one thing Christine said to us repeatedly throughout the process was to send love to all involved parties–the seller and her realtor, home and roof, termite and septic inspectors, and mortgage, bank and all other involved people. Lovely advice, Christine! And working with Christine was fun–she has a very infectious laugh! Christine you are a pleasure to work with and we are grateful everyday that we got the opportunity to work with you to

find our forever home!


Hiro K.

I first met Christine at an event for parents who had a child entering UC Santa Cruz as a freshman back in 2014. Christine had a booth set up to provide information to parents who might be entertaining the idea of purchasing real estate in Santa Cruz to have it eventually pay for the cost of tuition at UCSC. My original plan was to look for a real estate agent immediately after this event, but upon meeting Christine those plans went out the window. We weren’t quite ready to execute our plans without some additional planning, so we told Christine the standard line of “we’ll be calling you early in January 2015” at which time we would be ready to pursue this matter. Christine never called us, never gave us some tacky sales lines, or even pressured us , she just took our word and let whatever was going to happen, happen. In January ’15, I called her, she remembered me, and we started seriously looking at the available inventory of condos/townhouses on the internet. I soon made arrangements to visit Santa Cruz to see what was on the market and met with Christine at one of the available properties. Prior to meeting with her I had checked out other units, but all of them were too far from campus and did not meet our needs. To make a long story short, we made an offer on the only property she had shown us and the offer was soon after accepted. Christine had told me prior to our meeting that the market was heating up and that units selling quickly. I had researched the Santa Cruz real estate market and she was absolutely correct. I relied on Christine’s knowledge and trusted her instincts so we purchased the only property she had shown us and similar units in this complex that were on sale near the time of our escrow closing were about $27,000 higher than our purchase price. Christine had already performed an analysis as to how many bedrooms would be needed to optimize the rental income to offset the mortgage, property taxes, and HOA fees. Because of her analysis we knew exactly what we were looking for, i.e. a 3 bedroom condo/ownhouse. So, we didn’t waste time looking at 2 bedroom properties or anything else because we knew the “numbers” wouldn’t work out unless it was a 3 bedroom unit. When escrow did close we were already half way to paying for our son’s tuition by purchasing this property. Now, my wife and I are keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that this property will pay for all education expenses including the tuition, books, and dorm fees had my son remained in the dorms. I reside in the Los Angeles area and its inconvenient for me to drive to Santa Cruz to waste my time chasing after something that may or may not meet my goals. Christine eliminated all the guesswork for me with her knowledge and experience. I enjoy working with people who are professionals with the determination to get the work done right the first time, but who also have a good sense of humor and are “down to earth.” Christine is one of those people along with her team of other profesionals (Mark Lawson the mortgage broker and Jamie Smith the Escrow Officer). If only Christine knew who was going to win the 2016 Super Bowl.


Maynard Robinson

I met Christine a year before I was to put my home on the market. She stayed in touch during this time to give me insights into what was going on in the Santa Cruz market. My compliment to Christine is that she delicately handled my ego (what I wanted for my house) versus what was the reality of the market. In the end….we had a smooth sale with a happy and satisfied seller and buyer.


Noan and Diana Wilson

We had a wonderful time buying our first home with Christine and her team. We had actually met her a few years earlier when she was door knocking in our neighborhood. When we called and told her we were ready to get serious, she didn’t waste any time, especially important given how quickly the market was moving at the time. Christine gave us access to the listings we toured a few homes before finding “the one.” At each house, she would leave us and tell us to imagine it were our home. Immediately we would know if it was the right house or not. A very useful exercise when there is a tendency to get swept away with the idea of our first home. Christine is a love-based Realtor and it shows. After we found our dream home, the time came for Christine to fight for us to not only get our offer accepted but also successfully navigate through the entire home buying process. We hit a few barriers and even thought the deal was going to fall through a few times, but Christine comforted us and helped us persevere. She has an incredible ability to keep her cool and maintain a level head even in the presence of heated attitudes. With all said and done, we are very happy with our new home and know that we couldn’t have done it without Christine. Thank you!!

Seller: David Buitron

I put my house on the market shortly before going away for a month, thinking it would take at least that long to find a serious buyer. But with Christine’s hard work we had a buyer about a week after I left and Christine was able to do all the work of finalizing the sale with minimum input from me on the other side of the world. We ended up getting very close to the price we were hoping for. Christine was great to work with so I would gladly recommend her to anyone.


Kim Ruth

There’s something about Christine.
We ended up second backup on an incredibly beautiful Italianate 1892 home in Seabright. No chance of getting it. We offerred the asking price, The three folks above us all asking over. We walked away dejected. Christine asked us to “send the love” to the accepted offer. Thinking ok, I’m in Santa Cruz, I’ll send the love. We got the house. Probably one of the most convoluted offers ever. We ended up needing a whole new foundation which Christine helped us negotiate. This woman is magic. We are so excited about our new home. Thank-you Christine Schneidner.

Seller: Scott LaForce

Christine Schneider sold my home in Santa Cruz during a difficult market. She was determined and helpful every step of the way. I was stubborn, but Christine worked closely with me and we banked the deal at a good price. I highly recommend Christine. She is professional, yet sympathetic. She basically held my hand through the process and delivered on what I wanted.

Buyers: Kelly and Brandon Brown

Christine provided a guiding light through our crazy and often hellish experience with a 203k construction loan. If you aren’t familiar with this type of loan, understand that a huge amount of red tape, frustration and anxiety can be par for the course; it is very important to choose someone both experienced in the process and who has the patience and calm demeanor to ensure a successful transaction. Everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong with this purchase – but Christine took it all in stride and handled every step professionally and with a positive energy that is hard to find these days. She pulled me back from the ledge a couple of times when I was ready to throw in the towel! With the purchase behind us, we are very happy with our home and very grateful to Christine for helping us along this journey. We learned a lot about the process and appreciated her enthusiastic and peaceful vibe every step of the way. Thanks Christine!


Tim and Linda Cervelli

We wish to share our experience and appreciation to Christine for all her dedicated time and effort applied to selling our condo this last March and it sold without a single hitch! Christine`s professionalism and expertise is unrivaled and she comes highly recommended for any and all real estate needs. Thank-you again Christine for a job well done with much gratitude.


Dale Jared

This is a letter of reference for Christine Schneider. Christine helped me to sell my house 5 years ago as the market was dropping. Without her help I would still be living in that house and losing money. Christine was very straight forward and direct with me. She told me what I needed to do to make my house appealing for new owners. My house was showing well but the market continued to drop. I had set my bottom line price, and then I received my first offer. The offer was lower than what I wanted. Christine has a very straight forward conversation with me letting me know that prices would probably continue to drop. At this point my house had been on the market for 8 months. She told me I could hold out and wait for a slim chance of getting what I wanted or take the offer at hand, which was still more then what I paid. Christine was very informative about the situation, and I have been grateful ever since. It was a pleasure to work with someone so professional and straight forward. While I did not always like what she told me, I trusted her opinion. If I were buying or selling a house, I would not hesitate to let Christine Schneider represent me again.

Seller: Greg Smith

If you’re looking for a Real Estate Agent who’s actually going to sell your property, we recommend Christine Schneider. Christine succeeds where others fail; she was not our first agent, but was our last, as her work resulted in the successful sale of our property at 915 Seabright Ave. in Santa Cruz, CA. AS out of town sellers we depended highly on her knowledge about property values in today’s market. It proved to be spot on as we noticed a hefty increase in interested parties and potential buyers once we hired her. Sure enough, we had an offer on the table within 2 months, and we were more than happy to close.

Christine’s abilities as a pro agent go way beyond her pricing and marketing skills.

For example, problems with the structure arose during inspections. Christine was able to guide us through the necessary steps to resolve the issues. But it doesn’t stop there! Problems with our buyer’s loan arose in the final stages of the deal. For a moment, it appeared that the entire sale could fall through. Instead, Christine demonstrated a professional demeanor, and thanks to her quick thinking and sound business skills, she was able to help our buyers get the loan they needed to close the deal.

If you are interested in working with an agent who is going to actually sell your home, than there’s no one better than Christine Schneider. Thanks Christine for all your hard work.


Donald Craine

My name is Donald Craine. I am a 76-year-old, widowed gentleman who receives income from six residential rental properties, four of which are in the Santa Cruz area. I met Christine Schneider about 3 years ago, when I contacted her for advice about 1061 Exchanges of my properties. I with her expertise in real estate and tax matters, and in the early summer of 2008 I hired her to find a suitable, 3 bedroom property in the Capitola/Aptos area for my personal home.

When the house of my dreams materialized, Christine provided sales data of comparable properties, she helped me submit offers which led to a sale, she facilitated the necessary inspections, and she led me through the process of obtaining title insurance and a loan, and the sale closed in September of 2008.

I commend Christine for her professionalism and perseverance, and I would seriously consider using her skills in any further real estate trades I might make. I would recommend to anyone needing real estate advice, or contemplating making a property trade, that they first consider Christine Schneider. Please feel free to contact me, if you need any further information about Christine.


Francisco and Rossana Cipres

Seemed impossible: homes over our budget, places still a long commute to work for my husband, difficulty in finding condos that would accept dogs.
A friend referred us to Christine Schneider of Schneider Estates. After we spoke and I explained our need to move to Santa Cruz. Nothing was going to deter Christine from getting us into the ONE condo in all of Santa Cruz we could afford and that Christine knew would allow dogs. We were well into the deal, our loan had been approved and then I received the HOA’s CC&Rs…the pet policy stated: ”no dogs over 20 lbs”. “Christine, help”, I called. And with her calm, patient, and soft spoken tenacity Christine relentless went after uncovering what she knew to be true. The HOA had voted, years ago, to strike out the pet policy restriction allowing homeowners the freedom of living in the Condo complex community with their dogs of any weight. The update had not officially made it into the CC&Rs.

Seriously though, Christine wasn’t just after making a sale. She was helping us with a quality of life move. My husband had a three hour a day commute for over 25 years and with a recent job transfer to Santa Cruz his commute increased to four hours on the road five days a week from the SF Bay Area to Santa Cruz. His health was suffering. We had to move. And we couldn’t move without our lab. We have been in Santa Cruz for about two weeks now. My husband has a 5 minute (!) commute to work. We are by the beach and go there every day with our dog. A drastic quality of life move and Christine helped make it happen.

Happy, Healthy and Blessed: Francisco and Rossana Cipres, Santa Cruz