29 Aug 2019

How Technology Has Changed Buying and Selling Real Estate

Technology has transformed the process of buying and selling houses - most paperwork can be completed without picking up a pen, a majority of home shoppers will see your property online before they see it in person. Whether you’ve never purchased a house, or are considering putting your house on the market after a decade or more of ownership, you will benefit from understanding how technology is used today to buy and sell real estate.

10 Oct 2018

Crowdfunding your Downpayment

Technology is making it possible to buy a home in novel ways.   Launched by CMG Financial, HomeFundMe is a crowdfunding website that allows family, friends, and others to contribute to your down-payment. One of the main advantages of using the site is that contributions are properly documented to ensure lenders accept the money as legitimate down-payment funds. According to the CEO of CMG Financial, the idea behind the project is not to fund the

31 Oct 2017

Buying Property with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is used to send money instantly  to anyone around the globe with negligible fees. It relies on blockchain technology, which provides a level of transparency and reliability needed to foster trust amongst bitcoin users. To learn more about the basics of bitcoin and blockchain, take a look at this video. Why is this relevant? Because bitcoin was just used to purchase a piece of US real estate.   According