It’s a Complicated Process, Isn’t It?

Whatever your reason for selling – whether it’s for moving ‘up’ or ‘down’, for professional or personal life changes , or because of your financial circumstances – there’s a lot to think about in getting the best result.  So if these are some of the big questions you’re asking:

  • How do I get the best price possible, in the current market?
  • When’s the right time to sell?
  • How much should I spend or not spend in getting the property market-ready?

Booking an introductory call with Christine is your best first step!

We Believe that Giving You an Exceptional Experience is Key

By offering you a complete suite of professional real estate services, we ensure that your every need is met.

Our philosophy? Simple: we work toward your goals and we take care of you. Our sixteen years of real estate purchases and sales in the Santa Cruz area mean we have both the competence and the experience – as well as the critical thinking and strong negotiating skills – to get you what you want and where you want to go.

Mindful Real Estate

We bring exceptional, “tactical” empathy to all our conversations – the best deals are the ones where everyone’s interests are considered and met.

We're Focused on You

Schneider Estates is a small, privately owned brokerage that gives you the full and undivided attention you deserve – for as long as you need it.

We Have the Experience

With 17+ years’ experience buying and selling homes in this region, we know all the players engaged in real estate, and we create a positive energy that brings positive results.

Understanding The Market

We provide up-to-date statistics to help you in your decision making process

Just Some of Schneider Estates’ Services


Our professional team gets you a designer landing page to feature your property, and a video, with aerial photography, that’s more like a movie of the home for sale.

Listing Effectiveness

We’ll help you reach your ideal  buyers with geo-targeted social media marketing and listing syndication to get you featured on the highest traffic real estate websites.


We’ll make sure you are properly and legally protected all through the process, with our inspection management and full disclosure advice.


We co-ordinate open houses and showings with you, to get truly interested parties at convenient times, to view a property that’s looking its very best.

Best Price

We’ll manage the strongest possible bidding process, and – with our great negotiation skills founded on tactical empathy – we go to bat for you.

Christine Schneider did a masterful job handling our sale of 3 special properties during a pandemic

And we sold each of them to the first buyers who viewed them. That says it all.



How We Get You a 
Profitable and Pleasurable
Selling Experience

Your ‘Trusted Advisor’ Chat

Let’s connect to determine if we’re the trusted advisor for your property sales journey.

Your Customized Strategy

Unlock your sales potential with our tailor-made strategy. From inception to success, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Celebrate a Successful Sale!

We ensure your success with our powerful negotiation strategies and client-centered approach, securing the perfect deal for you.

Seller Stories

When Selling Real Estate, Schneider Estates Helps Clients Craft Stories of Transformation.

Time was of the essence because, mid-2022, Fed rate increases meant the equity in the home would erode, and there was so much to do to prepare the property. Christine quickly brought in a whole team – handyman, home inspector, floor specialist, termite exterminator – to get the property market ready.

Not only that, she handled a lot of the ‘institutional’ stuff – SC County, City Hall, the dreaded HOA – and quickly got open houses going, over a couple of weekends, which immediately resulted in qualified prospects and the best, serious buyer.

Christine’s renowned negotiating skills and tactics got an outcome that pleased both sides, and -with modern technology – got it all done without HiroFumi having once to make a 300-mile drive to SC to make sure things were being done. He and his wife even took a three-week vacation in the market prep stage! 

The house was hard to access - 77 stairs! - and had some issues, such as when a home inspector told them they had a foundation problem. They knew this was not going to be an easy sale, so they turned to Christine; as a real estate Broker, they were sure she would bring a level of expertise and polish that they had rarely found in this field.

Sure enough, the issues were resolved and Christine’s marketing and sales approach was “brilliant”: thorough, simple, clear and targeted, The final result was an excellent presentation of the home and a resulting offer within three weeks.

Even then, Christine stayed with them as a”masterful communicator and negotiator” from offer to sale to closing, professional, knowledgeable and patient throughout.

The home was old, in need of a lot of repairs and, having been a rental property, turned out to have some permitting issues.

Christine arranged for clean up and repairs at reasonable prices and, offering sound advice based on her knowledge and experience, helped Ravi understand some of the procedures and terms to make well-informed decisions and rectify the permit issue. She even helped Ravi navigate a complex Veterans Administration loan the buyer needed.

When it came to list, she executed the marketing and presentation of the property, which got the speedy offer, and her thoughtful manner and superior negotiating skills - with a somewhat challenging buyer’s agent - resulted in a smooth and timely closing of the sale.