Santa Cruz County Highlights: Pleasure Point


With great restaurants, cafes, walkways, beaches and community, Pleasure Point feeds the body, mind and spirit. What makes this one of the most desirable places to live in Santa Cruz County? Check out some of the highlights of Pleasure Point below!

The Surf Spots and East Cliff Dr

There are two surf spots in the Pleasure Point area: The Hook and Pleasure Point. Whether you are catching waves or admiring them from afar, you’re sure to enjoy the all immersive experience of being close to, hearing, and breathing the fresh air from the sea. Perhaps this is why the wetsuit innovator and founder of the O’Neill Brand, Jack O’Neill, lived in Pleasure Point for 57 years in an iconic waterfront property. 

With multiple sets of stairs down to the beach and a paved walk away along East Cliff, this area is highly accessible at any age. At one end of the walk way, you’ll find Point Market and Cafe, a combined american eatery and market. At the other end is a parking lot (which is often crowded on weekends), showers, and restrooms. 

Whether you are catching waves or walking along the promenade, this section of East Cliff Dr is the crowning jewel of Pleasure Point. 

Ice Cream Shops and Cafes

Verve coffee started in Santa Cruz right here in Pleasure Point. This artisan coffee shop proudly supports a “Farm level Initiative” which “from seed to cup, positively impact[s] communities at the local and global level”. This trendy coffee shop has become widely popular, with shops popping up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Next time you’re close by, grab a cup and you’ll see what all the excitement is about. 

Speaking of artisan, Penny’s ice creamery is another local favorite. Penny’s has partnered with local farmers, and their flavors change regularly as new fruits and other ingredients come into season. They also always serve a few stables; Along with exotic flavors like “Juniper Lime”, you’ll find an excellent Chocolate Sorbet and Tahitian Vanilla bean. If you’re feeling decadent, ask for fluff on top and watch as they use a blowtorch to roast the marshmallow right on your ice cream!

Restaurants and Nubo Brewery

For such a small area, Pleasure Point has a surprisingly large selection of cuisines. Sushi, Mediterranean, Chinese Food, Burgers, Burrito Shacks, Pizza, and more: it’s all there. Some of our favorites: Ramen and Sushi at Kaito, Falafel Wraps at Zameens, and any kind of Pizza from Pleasure Point Pizza. 

Nubo Brewery is a craft brewery just a short drive up 41st Ave that serves “beers that strike a perfect balance”. With a commitment to sustainability and serving wide array of beer styles, typically more than 20 unique offerings each year, they are sure to have something you like!


With two surf shops, clothing boutiques, a bike shop with bike and surfboard rentals, consignment shops, and more there is something for everyone in Pleasure Point. Can’t find what you’re looking for? A short drive down 41st Ave and you’ll find Capitola Mall, Target, and a variety of other big-box stores. 

Real Estate

Given its close proximity to the beach and desirable amenities, Pleasure Point real estate is some of the most in demand in the County. If you’d like to see what’s in the market in Pleasure Point, and receive a free analysis of the market, please give us a call or fill out the form below: (831) 600-6550. 

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