Resilience in the Face of Adversity: A Real Estate Triumph Amidst the CZU Fires


I hope this newsletter finds you well. Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite real estate stories—a testament to perseverance and triumph in the face of multiple challenges.

As many of you know, I have always made it a priority to stay connected with my clients over the years through various means of communication. Among them was a client I’ll call “Lisa,” with whom I stayed in touch since 2016. She had previously listed her property with other agents, but the listings kept expiring without success. However, our continued communication and support paid off when Lisa finally decided to list her property with me and our brokerage.

The property garnered immense interest, and to our delight, we received an all-cash offer above the asking price within just seven days. It was a remarkable achievement, especially considering the property had been on the market for two decades without selling.

Yet, the journey to closing was anything but smooth sailing. We encountered several obstacles, including potential legal issues from a neighboring property. Despite the challenges, we navigated through the difficulties and were steadily approaching a successful close.

However, fate had another twist in store for us. Just weeks before the anticipated closing, the devastating CZU fires swept through Santa Cruz County, threatening the property, which lay directly in the fire’s path. Though the main house and second unit miraculously survived, other structures, including the barn and water storage tanks, were not as fortunate.

Undeterred, we persevered, co-managing the property’s restoration process with the owner and resolving the fire damage. One point of contention arose when the buyers requested the removal of a heritage tree that was partially burned and considered potentially hazardous. The sellers, deeply attached to the tree, refused to have it taken down, causing a stalemate. The buyers finally agreed to take the property with the tree intending to remove it themselves. 

As the escrow moved forward, fate seemed to taunt us once again. On a windy night, a strong gust toppled the heritage redwood tree, leaving the top half perched playfully on the second unit’s roof, as if wearing a jester’s hat. Although an unexpected setback, we remained determined and worked with the seller who repaired the damaged roof and unit, ensuring the deal stayed intact.

After enduring months of unforeseen challenges, we emerged victorious, selling the property despite all odds. It was an incredible journey, a testament to the resilience of all parties involved, and, our clients were ecstatic with the outcome.

This story is a reminder that in the world of real estate, patience, dedication, and adaptability are key to achieving success. It is the human spirit of perseverance that keeps us going even in the face of adversity.

Thank you for being part of our real estate community and remember that I am always here for any of your property needs or questions.

Warm regards,

Christine Schneider, Broker

Schneider Estate, Inc.

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