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In today’s world, Real Estate marketing has evolved into something different. What once was linear and somewhat standard has changed into something multifaceted and opportunity rich.

Our job is to ensure that the market finds your property and sees it in its most attractive light.

We leverage social media to make sure your listing is seen EVERYWHERE

Your listing will have an advantage in the marketplace because we pay for Premium Zillow presence as well as for Google advertising.
We provide abundant and attractive information to make your listing shines on the main search hubs


We use both traditional and modern marketing techniques to ensure your property is seen by the people who are most likely to buy.

Beautiful Presentation

In-house photography, videography, drone footage and web design means consistent and high quality marketing materials for your listing

Videos that get you 4x as many leads

A study by international listing website found that video increased listing inquiries by 403 percent. That’s inquiries, not just views. In other words, properties listed with video generated four times the number of quality leads

Forrest Lane saw over 40 showings before going into escrow – The video attracted lots of interested parties to the property
Mount Madonna Rd sold within weeks of going live. Before listing with Schneider Estates, this listing sat for years on the MLS without any offers.


Stunning photography catches the eyes of potential buyers and opens their interest upon first glance. By showing your property in the best light, we close deals and attract buyers

Knowledge is Power

Knowing the performance of your listing gives you stronger decision making power as well as peace of mind knowing first hand the level of exposure your property is recieving

This is an actual example of one of our comprehensive marketing reports.

Our Marketing Dashboard was designed by our team to give you a pulse on the performance of your marketing and exposure of your listing.

The Art of Marketing GREEN

Our planet is our home, and we believe strongly that we all must play our role in taking drastic steps to take care of the environment.

Every bit counts. Here is how we are doing our part:

Virtual Staging:

Virtual staging drastically reduces the carbon footprint of a lsting by eliminating the need to drive furniture to and from a listing. It also saves you money

Social Media & Online Marketing:

By concentrating our marketing efforts to the digital realm, we reduce the amount of paper and ink needed with more traditional marketing efforts.