Is the Power of Negotiation Relevant in Real Estate?


First: I tend to write as though I am an expert sounding a bit all-knowing. Please consider I am as fallible as anyone, and the truth is I am always practicing and improving. I am better today than yesterday and will be even better when I meet you.

As a trained and focused negotiator, I am intently focused on my fiduciary duty: getting the absolute best price for my clients. Since most agents are not trained in negotiation, I have a negotiation edge in many deals. A common question: why is negotiation important or necessary, isn’t it just about price? The answer is unequivocally: No, it is not just about price. In my opinion, negotiation skills are the most important skills for an agent to develop, hone and master, a lifetime endeavor.

And it’s not just about money, it’s about connection and understanding. Consider that almost every conversation could be termed a negotiation. In truth, I negotiate all day with everyone, with few exceptions. That means from the moment I connect with you, or anyone, I am practicing active listening. I am practicing communication skills designed to allow me to hear and understand what you are saying and what you are not saying. I know how to acknowledge to you that you have been heard, and to integrate what I hear and what I what is not being said into every strategy we develop to help you buy or sell property. I know how to navigate through difficult conversations, and I don’t avoid them. That means I know how to effectively communicate what you may not want to hear though likely need to hear. It means I love this part of my job. And it takes more than loving it, it takes active study, coaching, reading, and practicing, all of which are an integral part of my daily life. I have learned that our speech is the medium through which we share our minds. So, I am hyper focused on speech (both what is expressed and what is not expressed), yours and mine and everyone else involved in our path toward whatever goal I am helping you achieve.

I practice this with the “other party” as well, meaning I am looking for information that gives me what I need to craft a unique offer tailored to the situation at hand, considering the other agent, their client, and their needs and wants. I recently won a bidding competition for our buyer client, and we were not the highest bidder. I listen intently to what is said, and more importantly what is not being said by our counterpart, and address both of those. That art is the foundation of emotional intelligence as well as effective and gratifying negotiations. This is powerful and creates bonds quickly and effectively. And it allows for fulfilling relationships during and often after a deal is done, with you and often with a lot of other people.

My new year commitment is to meet with and have coffee or tea with at least one client or associate each week, to get to know you better and to connect. Would you help me accomplish my commitment by contacting me when you either just want to meet to see if I am your trusted real estate advisor, of if you need help now or soon with real estate? Hope to hear from you this year, soon!

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