Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your interest in Schneider Estates. Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you still have an inquiry, please send it to: cs@schneiderestates.com
What is “Mindful Real Estate” and how does it differ from regular Real Estate?
“Mindful Real Estate” means everyone involved is considered. It means smooth, easy sales, and happy negotiations.
What makes your Real Estate Firm different from other firms in your area?
Great Question. Schneider Estates is a small, privately owned and operated Real Estate Brokerage that offers you the freedom to buy and sell real estate in a relaxed, effective manner. We achieve this by giving you our full, undivided attention, with a team working in tandem behind the scenes to deliver the impressive results we’ve earned for our previous clients.
How are you able to sell houses for full asking price in less than 2 weeks?
We are able to deliver these types of results by practicing Mindful Real Estate.
Mindful Real Estate means being fully aware the needs of everyone involved in the transaction. It is being sensitive to everyone engaged in the sale, from the tenant to the principals. It is creating positive energy which leads to positive results.
What type of commitment is needed for a consultation?
Schneider Estates needs no commitment for an initial consultation, whether you’re selling, buying, or just curious about real estate in the area. We’re confident we can help give you clarity and direction with your unique and exciting real estate situation. You can call us anytime at

(831) 600-6550

What level of exposure do you offer for listing homes?
Schneider Estates has 16+ years of experience selling homes in this region. We’ve learned first hand what avenues of advertising are most effective for your property. We cover a wide range of listing services, from the main MLS to local listings, as well as popular internet databases such as Realtor.com and more.