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increase estate exposure to more realtors and potential buyers.
When we decided to create a home video showcasing our premium beach front property, 76 Puffin Lane, we knew we’d enjoy an increase in exposure, but what we’ve experienced has more than met our expectations.
With our video, we’ve experienced:

  • Thousands of views
  • Dozens of phone inquiries
  • a 30% increase in online activity
  • A powerful marketing tool

With our team in place, we’re ready to create more beautiful, home showcase videos for you and your property. And without further ado, here is

76 Puffin Lane

Tranquil and Informative

If a picture says a 1,000 words, then this video delivered a college education worth of information. This film provides a gateway through which interested customers can step through, and experience the home for themselves. This is especially great for out of state parties who’s interest might not otherwise be piqued.

Making this video helped connect us with many potential buyers and interested parties. We’re very, very excited to continue to develop this form of real estate video marketing.

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