Benefits of Downsizing and How to Prepare for Your Next Move


Change is difficult, but perspective makes a huge difference: Downsizing does not have to be a negative moment in your life. In fact, downsizing your home represents tremendous opportunity and can actually bring many benefits to your daily life! First off, when you downsize you have less space to take care of. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning and organizing, in the future, there will be fewer chores to handle. Secondly, downsizing actually helps reduce bills. A smaller space means fewer rooms to heat and cool, fewer lights, and lower electricity bills. If you want to run the air conditioning in the summer, you can do so without the anxiety of paying an arm and a leg at the end of the month.

By saving both time and money in your move toward downsizing, you can now invest that time and money back into enjoying your daily life. Many people find they are finally able to pursue the hobbies and join the communities that their busy lives have always kept them from: Join local clubs, pick up that creative hobby you’ve long neglected, and spend time with your family. You can even use the saved cash on that trip you have been wanting to take for years.

Now that you have learned the benefits of downsizing, let’s take a look at the steps involved in preparing for the move. The most challenging aspect of downsizing is minimizing and organizing your personal belongings. Therefore, we have outlined four steps to help you get ready for your move!

Identify A Plan

Before you get started, develop a plan, and identify your goals. Name your major problem areas, decide which rooms you are going to focus on, and figure out when you will be able to declutter. If your home has a lot of work to be done, be sure to space out your agenda. Many people try to do it all in one day and then end up overwhelmed with their stuff and in even more of a mess than they were in when they started.

Our recommendation is to clear one room at a time. At this more manageable pace, you can minimize your stress and complete one project at a time.

Rid Your Home of Stuff. 

Now onto the nitty-gritty: decluttering! The first step is to get rid of all of the extra stuff in your home. Go through drawers, boxes, cupboards, and wherever else you store stuff. Then, toss out or donate anything that no longer serves an important purpose.

Collect all items that hold sentimental value, and set them aside together so you can store them accordingly. However, try not to use this as an excuse to keep every little thing – remind yourself that less stuff means less stress.

Get Organized

Once you clear out all of the extra garbage from the home, it is time to get organized. Purchase containers for the specific items that you decided to keep. Be cautious not to buy ones that are too large, which generally results in people saving items that they don’t actually need.

Clean The Closet

Don’t forget about the closet! Although you may want to skip this step, closets are where many of us throw our extra stuff and forget about it – a habit that easily gets out of hand when we can ignore the buildup. The first step is to again clear out everything you don’t wear – if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it to someone who may benefit from it. You will be surprised with how much you can get rid of with this mentality. Once you complete this step, go ahead and get organizing again.

In the End, Think Minimalist!

During the process of cleaning your home, think minimalism. Remember that clinging to excess stuff tends to breed anxiety and a greater sense of burdensome responsibility, so the less you have, the more freedom of mind you will have to enjoy your new home!

Downsizing does not have to be as complicated as some people imagine. With the simple steps above, you can have a clean and organized home in no time. Then, when it comes time to move, you will be ready to go!

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