A Poem for our Buyers


Whether it’s a small home for two
or a big house with views,
our homes are places
where moments
become memories
and we experience life in every hue.

The good and bad days,
in the end we’d never wish either away.
Within the the walls of our home,
which we’ve come to know so well
we allow the waves of our lives
to crash and swell.

Our hope for you
and those you love
whoever they may be
is that you find a home
that enriches your life
and helps you to feel free.

Homes in Santa Cruz come
in every shape, color, and size
so if you’d like to avoid
any unwelcome surprises
give us a call and let’s
ensure that you thrive.

Together we’ll find the place
that you can call home
so that you can experience
what we’ve written about
in this poem.

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