Now that the Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction measure is officially on the ballot, the counter movement has begun to gather steam.


Santa Cruz Together, a grass-roots movement to stop the measure from passing, has collected $60,000 from supporters and hopes to raise up to $200,000 to fund their campaign. The California Apartment Association, nation’s largest statewide trade group, has also promised to fight the ballot measure and has raised $403,000 thus far.


Additionally, prominent figures in Santa Cruz County have begun to speak out against the ballot measure, including the Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, David Terrazas, the City  Business Council Director and planning commissioner, Robert Singleton, and former City Council Women, Pamela Comstock.


On a statewide level, real-estate interests are gearing up to fight Prop 10, which would repeal the Costa Hawkins Act and subject more properties to local rent control measures like the ballot measure we see here in Santa Cruz. Prop 10 opponents have raised close to $11.6 million to fight the measure.


While supporters of these measures may claim that backers of these counter-movements are only looking out for their own real estate interests, the truth is that rent control has been shown to have negative consequences for renters and property owners alike, and over time degrades a city’s housing supply.


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