Measure M and Prop 10 Were Rejected (Most Likely)


While we are all eager to hear about the results of the November 2018 elections, thousands of ballots countywide remained uncounted as of Wednesday. According to Santa Cruz County Clerk, Gail Pellerin, finalized results will be announced no later than Dec. 6.


However, early results suggest that both Measure M and Prop 10 were rejected by Santa Cruz City and California citizens respectively. Measure M would have established rent control and just cause for eviction laws in the City of Santa Cruz; If passed, Prop 10 would have repealed the Costa Hawkins Act, an act which prohibits local jurisdictions from imposing rent control on Single Family homes, condos and townhomes.


Santa Cruz City Emergency Interim Rent Control and Just Cause For Eviction Ordinances


As you may know, the City of Santa Cruz passed both Rent Control and Just Cause For Eviction Emergency Interim Ordinances. These memorandums have been in law since February.


Both of these ordinances were written to automatically terminate if Measure M did not pass. Therefore, upon the City Council’s certification of election results for the November 6, 2018 Election, they will no longer be in effect if Measure M is verified as a rejected.


Santa Cruz City Council Considers Alternative Relocation Assistance Fees


In September, the Santa Cruz City Council considered passingproposed ordinance-amendment which would put the following into law: If a landlord increases rent by more than 10% or cumulatively more than 15.5% in any two consecutive years, forcing the tenant to leave due to inability to pay rent, then he or she will have to pay the tenant two months rent-worth of relocation assistance.


When brought to the public, citizens expressed concern that passing such an ordinance before a decision was made on Measure M may negatively influence voters. Therefore, City Council decided to delay the decision making process for this ordinance amendment.


Where Are We Now?


City Council will most likely reexamine the issue of making an ordinance ammendemnt to prevent “exorbitant rent increases”, but this time around, there will likely be new Council Members at the table.


While ballots are still being counted, three new City Council members are starting to emerge as potential winners: Donna Meyers, Justin Cummings and Greg Larson, each with nearly 15 percent of voters’ tally.


What are these potential candidate’s stance on Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction?

  • According to this Sentinel Article, when asked about Rent Control Donna Meyers stated: “I would immediately push to develop a policy through a transparent, community-based process that is facilitated by the city council and that addresses rental increases and provides protections for tenants.”
  • Justin Cummings endorsed measure M according to to this source.
  • According to this Sentinel Article, Greg Larson stated that “the city council has to set the tone and direction for a comprehensive solution to our housing crisis that includes tenant protections, increased affordable housing, supporting and leveraging state and local affordable housing bonds for what we need here in Santa Cruz.”


While Cummings is the only candidate the clearly supported rent control and just cause for eviction, all three candidates support tenant protections. Time will tell if these sentiments translate into an ordinance amendment.


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